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How to animate conversation between characters [Scratch][Tuto]

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Are you looking into learning how to animate a story with Scratch ?

Great ! I 've got what you need to get started very easily.

Check below how easy it is to make Giga and Tera interacting 🤩🤩✨ !!!

Make sure to click on the code images as it directs you to the Scratch project samples!

Select your characters

Remember that in Scratch, we call characters that can be animated "sprites".

I chose here to animated a conversation between two sprites that are already available on Scratch platform : Giga and Tera. But you can of course create your own sprites!

The bottom right section in Scratch is used select the sprites :

Sprite Giga

In this example code, Giga is initiating the conversation :

Once Giga is done talking, Giga sprite's code is sending a message to Tera sprite's code.

To do so, I created a new message "Hello_Giga" in the Events block broadcast (Hello_Giga)".

Sprite Tera

In this example code, Tera says "Hello" but is waiting for Giga to finish before answering :

To do so, I am using the created a new message "Hello_Giga" in the Events block "when I receive (Hello_Giga)".

Sample conversation

And voila!

With few lines of code we can start creating a story with 2 characters :

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