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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have to be a nerd to participate in the workshops?
    Absolutely not ! STEAM & Curious workshops are suitable for all children, whether they are novices or already have some programming knowledge. Our educational approach makes it possible for us to address each one of them according to their needs and expectations.
  • STEAM & Curious, is it for fun or for learning?"
    Both! Thanks to gamification, it makes it possible to explore and understand a complex concept in a fun and safe way, we use it as a means of discovering and learning technologies. Children are stimulated and engaged to learn while having fun!
  • Can we participate in a trial workshop?
    Yes ! We could tell you all about STEAM & Curious for hours about our active pedagogy and the technologies covered in our amazing workshops, the skills children develop and their enthusiasm growing stronger after each session ... But we know that the best way to convince you is to make you try one workshop. Also, learn more about our weekly workshops by participating to a free 1-hour webinar
  • Is there any homework or grades ?
    Of course not ! At STEAM & Curious, we do not impose personal work outside the sessions. Nevertheless, it is quite possible your Curious may want to continue their learning at home, in particular because most of the software used in our workshops are free and accessible everywhere.
  • Should we provide equipment for the workshops? Can my child come with his computer?
    All the necessary equipment is provided by STEAM & Curious in onsite workshops. So there is no need for you to purshase any equipment! For online workshops, you would have to equip with a computer that has a microphone and a camera, a good internet connection and around 2GB storage available. STEAM & Curious will provide kits to take home for some of the online activities.
  • Do you have birthday party offers ?
    We plan and customize a birthday party for you child. Depending on her/his age and favorite theme, we will prepare her/him a very special moment with her/his friends! Contact-us for more information!
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