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After School Program

for Curious Kids 

7/8 years old

Weekly workshop sessions

 1.5 hours / 12 people max

 Monday to Friday

Online / Onsite




At this age kids are very curious and excited to discover how the world is build around them. We are building Creative Programming courses to engage the younger ones  into coding


Our courses are mainly based on Scratch developed by MIT Media Lab. Scratch is a great educational platform for younger kids to program animated stories and video games


The Makey-Makey boards are great programmable cards for kids to discover scientific concepts. When selecting online learning, kids will receive their own kit at home.


To develop kids perseverance and confidence, our pedagogy is using the benefit of learning by doing, failing and iterating.

Excited Children in Science Class

Journey for 7/8 years old Curious  

  • Explore computer science hardware and electronics with Makey-Makey programmable kit   

  • Program games and animations with Scratch educational software

  • Create pixel designs and animate them with Scratch

  • Create 3D objects designs

  • Program and create with Minecraft educational software


  • Create stop motion videos

  • Create real objects to build projects using Makey-Makey and Scratch




You still have questions or need more details on STEAM Curious After School programs for 7/8 years old.

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