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After School Program

for Curious teens

11-14 years old

Weekly workshop sessions

1.5 hours / 12 people max

 Monday - Friday

Online / Onsite




At this age, teens can progressively transition from visual to textual programming languages. Once the basic algorithm concepts are integrated, they are eager to explore a variety of systems and programming language such as Python, JavaScript...


Throughout the years, we coach teens in developing their "soft" skills and reinforce creative collaboration. We prepare them into creating groups to participate in available entrepreneur challenges or hackathons.


Using Micro:bit first then RaspberryPi developing kits with additionnal sensors, they slowly build ambitious projects both  individually and in groups.


Teens may already be using their own smartphone by now. We are building Social Impact projects and challenges for them to learn how to design and build mobile applications that meet the customer needs with respect to UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals  


Teacher Assisting a Student

Journey for Curious Grade 7-9 

​Part 1

  • Learn new programming languages (text languages) such as Python and JavaScript

  • Explore new software to create complex video games 

  • Explore new tools to create 3D objects and scenes 

  • Explore new tools to create 2D animations 


  • Create advanced connected devices and robots using the Micro:bit kit sensors


  • Design and program mobile applications for Android and iOS

Part 2

  • Master various languages (Python, Perl, C#, C++, Java, ...) and software development edition tools

  • Design and program websites in HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Create video games like a pro using Unity 3D software editor

  • Create advanced connected devices and robots using the RaspberryPi kit and additional sensors

  • Create and program your own music "beats"

  • Create your digital portfolio 

  • Participate in digital and innovation events




You still have questions or need more details on STEAM Curious After School programs for Grade 7 - 9.

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