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Are your children and Youth adequately prepared to thrive and prosper in the current Digital Era?

The future is now and it is driven by 4IR technologies. 4IR stands for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 4IR technological advancements are providing unrivalled opportunities while simultaneously impacting jobs, making obsolete some of the jobs as we know them.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) claims that, “1.1 billion jobs are liable to be radically transformed by technology in the next decade”. This means that reskilling will be necessary to future proof careers.

The World Economic Forum further goes on to say that 85 million jobs will be displaced in the next five years as a result of automation and the division of labour between humans and machines. However, 97 million jobs will be created.

Also, by 2025, one in two workers (50% of the workforce) will need reskilling , while 40% of those remaining in their current roles will need to upskill to remain relevant.

The positive aspect of this 4IR revolution is that the displacement of jobs is going hand in hand with creation of new, different, jobs. The challenge faced in regards to children going through schooling is that, we do not know what all the new jobs of the future will be.

According to Forbes, 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 are yet been invented. The WEF research reported in January 2023 that there 4 technology skills that are necessary for jobs of the future, This complements the 10 top critical (transversal) skills identified in 2020 as necessary to successfully navigate the future world of work.

Considering the reskilling and upskilling changes required for those already in possession of jobs, what is the implication for those who are still in the employment preparation pipeline (schools or tertiary institution)?

Are children being adequately prepared for the jobs of the future? If not, what options do parents have to future proof their children?

STEAM Curious is on a mission to inspire and equip children and the youth with 4IR skills that will enable them to adapt to a constantly changing digital world, so that they can effectively and efficiently leverage 4IR technologies.

The project-based experiential learning approach used by STEAM Curious ignites the curiosity, ingenuity, and imagination of young people, enabling them to creatively and collaboratively solve problems, with sustainability in mind, using 4IR technologies. STEAM curious’ secret source is the seamless integration of transversal (power) skills and multi-disciplinary skills that expose further learning pathways or job pathways.


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