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From Idea to Business Plan : an entrepreneurship journey

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

And that's a wrap for 25 of our entrepreneurs !

On June 16th 2023, after two intensive weeks of work on their business idea, the young entrepreneurs presented their pitch deck in front of a TRACE Academia Shark Tank jury.

group of young entrepreneurs smiling with STEAM curious yellow flags

What a better way to celebrate #YouthDay and get inspired by the dedication of these youth who not only worked on creating profitable businesses but focused on projects impacting their communities. They create sustainable solutions that solve real problems or develop opportunities in South Africa💡 :

  • Adequate mental health and social services

  • Decent and affordable housing with refurbished shipping containers

  • Children development and education on sustainability with playgrounds

  • Efficient and sustainable vegetable production with hydroponic technology

  • Goat livestock farming closer to urban community for cultural and religious needs

  • Healthy and affordable eating habits through meal prep orders

  • Marula jam and delicacy to international market

  • "Free-from" confectionery store to cater for everyone's health

  • ...

Aspiring entrepreneurs experienced how to ideate, define a business problem and validate their idea to build a proper Value Proposition and Business Model.

Through practical workshops, they learned all about the Business Plan components and managed to create and elevator pitch and professional presentation deck.

We are proud to hear that most of their key learnings are beyond the curriculum : we talk about power skills and skills of the future 🚀 .

They now value team work, collaboration and continuous feedback in their entrepreneurship journey to create job for themselves and others!

Next step is now to execute their first year plan and for many seek for fundings!

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