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Let's BE-CURIOUS ... launching our new initiatives in 2022!

We are proud to share that STEAM & Curious and experts passionate about 4IR impacts and dedicated to create impact in South Africa, are working on building the #BECURIOUS programs and initiatives.

The ambition is to harness digital savviness for youth in sub-Saharan African countries by creating opportunities to discover real life applications of the digital, bringing awareness around the 4th Industrial Revolution impacts and jobs of the future.

BE CURIOUS is working on closing the gap in the digital divide by prioritizing actions towards gender equality and impact on underprivileged populations education.

Encouraging Youth in BEING CURIOUS

Because being CURIOUS is one of the important skills, we as humans shall continuously cultivate curiosity!

Indeed, it is thanks to our curiosity that we manage from our young age to discover our environment, observe and question our peers and LEARN so quickly how to navigate our world.

Today we have to evolve in the 4th Industrial Revolution era, which brings potential access to an exponential number of tools and ecosystems to our kind. Technology progress made in the last decade enabled so many new usages that now require us to constantly learn and adapt!

BE CURIOUS initiatives are engaging Youth in developing Future Ready skills while learning how to CREATE product, content, business or impact with digital tools.

What is BE CURIOUS exactly?

BE CURIOUS initiatives are series of workshops that we are developing in the Fashion Design, Sport and Music domains.

We will start running workshops that lead young girls and boys in creating their own T-shirt with impactful designs, collaborating as a team to design sport jerseys and creating their own music beats with digital tools.

Youth creations and product will then be accessible on platforms where the world can listen, share or even purchase and sponsor!

“4IR is not all about technology “

Our focus is to create opportunities for youth to embrace technology through a creative innovation process. BE CURIOUS facilitators will help youth from framing and pitching their ideas, designing their product, collaborating, deciding and organizing as a group, marketing and communicating to achieve their goal…

Want to join the BE CURIOUS team?

If you are interested in BE CURIOUS initiatives, you want help closing the gap and impact, please join us!

Contact us via STEAM & Curious website or email:

Keep posted!

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