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#STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 - Day 22 - Elves vs Monsters Artificial Intelligence

Dec 22nd, 2020

The elves Christmas Factory in the north pole has a very strict access policy!

Only ELVES (and Santa of course!) are allowed to enter with special badges. However, Santa has requested us to help him reinforce The Factory's security systems using Artificial Intelligence and detect any Monster's intrusion.

Could you help us creating such AI ?

Today's challenge is to build an application using Machine Learning for Kids web application and Scratch online.

To do so :

  • Connect to in a web browser

  • Create a new project using image recognition : we named it My Christmas Factory access

  • Follow the 3 phases to create your AI : TRAIN - LEARN & TEST - MAKE

  • TRAIN : The first step is to train your AI model by creating both Elf and Monster's categories that we call Labels. For this step you need to add enough Elves and Monsters images! This is why it can take long to get a confident enough AI 😉

  • LEARN & TEST : To train your model based on the images you collected and labeled in the first step, just click on "Train new machine learning model” button. Once it is complete you can test with new images that you draw or captured with your camera.

  • MAKE : This final steps allows your to connect your AI model to Scratch 3.

  • Add new random elves and monsters images in its costume. Note they must be different than the ones used in your training phase !

  • You can now create your code to identify whether your sprite is an Elf or a Monster upon its costume and add a different action for each of them 💣🔥

  • You need help ? Check out our sample code below 👩🏽‍💻

Let the fun begin !

Don't forget to share the link to your project, code or even a snapshot of your pixel art / 3D creations on social media with the hashtag #STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 and tag me with @steam.and.curious so we can all view your amazing work!

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