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After School Programs


To enable children and teenagers to acquire digital concepts and create their own project (individual and group) , we build the appropriate learning environments adapted to each age group (from 7 to 18 years old) .


 Throughout the school year,  kids and teenagers meet (in groups of 12 maximum) weekly online or onsite for 1.5 hours to explore a wide variety of technologies and methodologies to create digital innovative products on the market today.

The STEAM & Curious education methodology is active and engaging where learning is progressive as workshops are adapted to each age and group by our trainers.

Weekly workshops

 1.5 hours / 12 people max

 Monday - Saturday

Online / Onsite

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model


Grade 2-4

S.T.E.A.M. courses for Grade 2 - 4 allows kids to explore the main areas of the digital world they are growing into.

Objective is to become aware of their ability to create and collaborate on digital content.

Building a Robot


Grade 5-6

Kids in Grade 5-6 courses continue to develop coding skills, critical thinking and creativity.

Objective is to broaden their knowledge of the digital world on a variety of more complex projects.

Engineering Robot Car


Grade 7-9

Teens in Grade 7-9 courses discover new methods and tools to develop their own digital product such as mobile applications and complex games. 


Objective is to progressively introduce end to end product development methods and develop collaboration in diverse groups

Computer Learning


Grade 10-12

Grade 10-12 courses formats are designed to coach teens in building from end to end products that meets the real market needs.


Objective is to not only develop their "future skills" that are required for the 4th Industrial Revolution but enable their confidence in becoming responsible digital citizens of tomorrow   

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