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How to animate characters or "Sprites" with moves [Scratch][Tuto]

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Great ! I 've got what you need to get started very easily.

Check below these nice and simple moves 🤩🤩✨...

Make sure to click on the code images as it directs you to the Scratch project samples!

Horizontal moves

Make your Sprite move from side to side :

Look at this ghost haunting and BOOing the hallway 👻👻👻

Random moves

Make your Sprite move randomly. This is really useful when creating games :

Few lines of code and this basketball is jumping all over the place 🏀🏀🏀

Glide entrance from the side

Make your Sprite jump in the story from one side or a corner :

Tips - You can get the Sprite's start and stop coordinates by moving it around in the positions you want and reading it as it show below :

Move around the screen

Make your Sprite glide around the screen :

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