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#STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 - Day 14 - Christmas Story

Dec 14th, 2020

Have you heard the story about Elfie 🧝🏼‍, the Christmas Elf ?

In today's challenge, you will have to write and animate a short Christmas story using Scratch.

Now that you are getting used to Scratch (see previous challenges) , here are few tips:

  • Connect to Scratch online or download the offline version.

  • Write a quick story board on paper first :

    • How many scenes? and what is the sequence ?

    • How many characters or object that move/speak (we call them sprites)?

    • For each scene, what are the action, dialogs, movements …

  • Select a background for each scene in Scratch background library or create your own ones. We remixed backgrounds and pictures in our story.

  • Select or draw your sprites. We used a Santa 🎅🏼, a reindeer🦌, a tree 🎄 and an elf 🧝🏼‍♀️!

  • To animate and synchronize dialogs for a great story, you will mainly have to use the following blocks :

Scene sequencing - Change backdrop :

Once your sprites actions are complete for a scene, use switch backdrop <backdrop name> to indicate when your backdrop has to change.

Use When backdrop switches to <backdrop name> in all the sprites code to indicate which actions in that scene should be executed.

Dialogs - Change backdrop :

You can use the broadcast <message>/ When I receive <message> blocks to synchronize actions and dialogs of your sprites in each scene.

  • Don't forget to add lots of cheerful sound and music 🎵

  • Once you are happy with your animation, story or game, share your project in STEAM & Curious Scratch Studio . We will be happy to like it and share!

  • Share your project on social media with the hashtag #STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 and tag me with @steam.and.curious so we can all view your amazing work!

We are showing our story about this funny elf who tricks kids at night starting December 1st!

Enjoy 🧝🏼‍♂️!

Be creative

Let the fun begin !

Don't forget to share the link to your project, code or even a snapshot of your pixel art / 3D creations on social media with the hashtag #STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 and tag me with @steam.and.curious so we can all view your amazing work!

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