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#STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 - Day 6 - Falling snowflakes

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Dec 6th, 2020

Have you ever gotten the chance to observe snow falling?

When there is no wind, every single or groups of snowflake has their own random way to come down. And yet it creates a very smooth and uniform layer of snow when it reaches the ground!

This looks magical to me !

Today's challenge is all about trying to reproduce this wonderful natural phenomenon ❄❄❄

To do so :

  1. Connect to Scratch online or download the offline version.

  2. Select the snowflake sprite (your character or objects to animate) from Scratch library, or create you own. I simply draw white dots of 3 different sizes and shapes.

  3. Animate each sprite to fall down by :

    1. combining the repeat until block with touching the edge block.

    2. using the clone logic (Create a clone of myself, When I start as a clone, Delete this clone) to multiply the number of snowflakes.

  4. To make it more real, you can :

    1. use the random blocks to set randomly the initial x position , the speed and angle it is move down ( x and y)

    2. add brightness effects

    3. position your snowflakes in the front layer.

  5. You can also add a background and character sprite that moves behind your snowflakes.

  6. Once you are happy with your animation, story or game, spread the joyof see your snowflakes falling by sharing your project in STEAM & Curious Scratch Studio . We will be happy to like it and share!

  7. Share your project on social media with the hashtag #STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 and tag me with @steam.and.curious so we can all view your amazing work!

Check out our version of the Falling snowflakes here :

Let the fun begin !

Don't forget to share the link to your project, code or even a snapshot of your pixel art / 3D creations on social media with the hashtag #STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 and tag me with @steam.and.curious so we can all view your amazing work!

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