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#STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 - Day 8 - Christmas Pong Game

Dec 8th, 2020

Who has never played a Pong game? 🕹🎮

My guess is not many of you!

Pong game is one of the first arcade game that was created in the 70's and still has great success! The goal of this game is to score with rebounds on a paddle (a cloud in my game) and avoiding to drop the ball (a snowflake in my game) touch the ground (water in my game).

In today's challenge we are going to build our very own Christmas Pong Game.

To do so, below is some help :

  1. Connect to Scratch online or download the offline version.

  2. Select a background, a sprite to act as a ball and a sprite to act as your paddle. We used a snowflake and a cloud 😊

  3. With regards to the logic :

    1. Make sure you ball sprite is bouncing around using if on edge, bounce block in a forever loop.

    2. Choose a way to implement your paddle movement by either following the mouse using set x to (mouse) or using When <left arrow/right arrow> key pressed events.

    3. The ball shall also bounce when touching the paddle with a different angle.

    4. Add a score mechanism when the ball is touching the ground using a score variable. It shall be incremented (by 1 or more 🏆) every time it bounces back from the paddle.

    5. You also need to handle the case when the player is loosing. You can use a sprite with a specific color to act as the ground and display a "Game Over" background.

  4. Once you are happy with your animation, story or game, share your project in STEAM & Curious Scratch Studio . We will be happy to like it and share!

  5. Share your project on social media with the hashtag #STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 and tag me with @steam.and.curious so we can all view your amazing work!

Check the version we created :

Let the fun begin !

Don't forget to share the link to your project, code or even a snapshot of your pixel art / 3D creations on social media with the hashtag #STEAMCuriousCalendar2020 and tag me with @steam.and.curious so we can all view your amazing work!

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