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#CodeFromAfrica - Challenge #3 - Ping Pong Covid-19

Updated: May 10, 2020

April 5th, 2020

Are you up to a third challenge?

It's now time we try to use our imagination and build a game... (yeeeaaahhhh!!!)

Wouldn't that be great if this game could help us prevent Coronavirus from spreading and infecting more people ?

World Health Organization (WHO) and Health Departments from most countries around the world have published steps to help us to prevent the spread of the virus.

Are you familiar with these measures?

Challenge #3 : Ping Pong Covid-19

For this challenge, Julie proposes to use the rules of the famous "Ping Pong" game.

You would then customize it to encourage more people to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Here are the steps:

1. Follow the "Pong Game" in Scratch tutorials to code your game.

2. Customize your sprites "Ball", "Paddle" and "Line" in the "Costumes" section.

3. Create a "Game Over" backdrop to be displayed once the "Virus" touches the line.

4. Share your story's project in #CodeFromAfrica Scratch Studio

5. Share your story on social media with the hashtag #CodeFromAfrica and tag me with @steam.and.curious so we can all view your amazing work!

Check my version of the game with South African Health recommendations :

Let the fun begin !

Don't forget to share your project !

How can I start animating stories using Scratch?

The first step is to get to ... Scratch !

Scratch is a coding platform you can access online but also offline depending on the type of device type you are using.

Second step, select a character for your story.

In Scratch, we call this character a "sprite". You can have multiple sprites if you like but let's start with one 😉

To help you on this first challenge, below are links to tutorials on how to create and animate a story using Scratch!

Check other challenges

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